Welcome to Bulk-Pack

Bulk-Pack’s threads in the packaging industry go beyond our 1980 beginning in FIBCs. With eight decades of packaging experience, Bulk-Pack enters the 21st century ready to carry on it’s proud customer-led tradition of continuous packaging evolution.

The U-Panel FIBC is the most popular FIBC shape and gives the bag a tremendous…Read More Circular FIBC’s have no side seams, rigid loops allowing the fork lift operator to pick up…Read More Most FIBC’s take on a cylindrical shape when filled, which causes some loss of space…Read More


With sales representatives located throughout the United States and now Central/South America, Bulk-Pack will be able to provide you with friendly and knowledgeable service.


Bulk-Pack distributes bags from its Mexico plant and its cert-ified imports from Harlingen, TX. We also have distribution locations on the east and west coast to fill your needs.